Northern Dressage Group Club Competition

2nd July 2022 all-day
Aintree International Equestrian Centre
0151 522 2949
Who can enter? Competitions are currently only open to NDG members
Entry fees Cost of entry is £15.00 per class for members
Competition classes & arena sizes Classes run from Intro level to Advanced Medium. Freestyle to Music classes are available from Prelim up to Advanced Medium. NDG aims to provide something for everyone. Intro classes and the first Prelim test are run in a 20m x 40m arena. The rest of the classes are run in a 20m x 60m arena.
Prelim Freestyle to Music Can either be 20m x 40m arena or 20m x 60m arena – please specify the size you would like on your entry as it affects times/ arena changes etc.
Competition closing dates Entries are accepted up until the closing date which will be stated on the website, schedule and HorseMonkey. Closing date will be 4 days before the competition unless otherwise states. No late entries can be accepted once times have been published. If entry numbers are large, closing date will be brought forward. Entries may be capped at between 70 and 75 tests.
Riding competition tests H/C Riders are welcome to enter a class at any level Hors Concours(H/C). normal entry procedures and tariffs apply.
How to enter Entries are welcome through HorseMonkey or by post with a cheque and entry forms which is available to download from the Northern Dressage Group website. All entries must be paid for by the closing date. On the odd occasion that you may be posting an entry at the last minute, please inform the entry secretary that it is on the way.
Times Times will be available 2 days before the competition. These will be published via HorseMonkey and available on the Northern Dressage Group website. Times are also available from the entry secretary.
Qualifying for championships Northern Dressage Group Championships will be held in October each year at a venue used by the club and will be open to MEMBERS ONLY. Riders are to be a current member at time of qualification. Dates and venue are subject to availability. Trophies and sashes will be awarded to each class winner. Rosettes to 6th place and unplaced riders will receive a championship qualifier rosette. Presentation (mounted/unmounted) will take place depending on time. Arena walks will be available time permitting. Warm up classes open to members only and time permitting. If you have been placed first at two Championships in the same level, horse cannot compete at that level or below at the following year competition. This is to encourage progression to the higher levels. The committee will consider issuing Wild cards and each case will be considered individually. If combinations gain 35 BD/NDG points at a higher level this may prevent eligibility for competing at a lower level. Eligibility concerns/clarity can be checked via Dianne Wood.
Qualifying rules 2021 Combinations achieving 60% at a level will be eligible to compete. It will be the responsibility of combinations to ensure eligibility. 2022 – Change to qualification rule. Combinations to attend at least 2 club shows and achieve at least60% for qualification. It will be the responsibility of the rider to ensure eligibility.
Eligibility for classes

• Intro classes – horse and rider combination not to have achieved more than 15 BD points at prelim or above. Once two scores at 65% or over in prelim classes have been achieved then the combination must move out of Intro level.

• Prelim classes – horse and rider combination not to have achieved more than 15 BD points at novice or above. Once a combination has achieved 70 NDG points they must move up to novice at the end of the season.

• Novice and above: combinations not to have more than 35 BD points at the level above that at which they are competing. (e.g. a horse and rider with more than 35 BD points at elementary may not enter a novice class competitively)

• The committee recognises that many experienced riders often have young horses which benefit from a few outings at intro or prelim level. Therefore we do not take BD rider classification into account when looking at eligibility for classes at our club competitions. Please be aware that this could affect your eligibility to compete on a team at a riding club’s area qualifier.

NDG points

Points are awarded for each class depending on the percentage scored as follows:

• 60 – 61.99% = 1 point

• 62 – 63.99% = 2 points

• 64 – 65.99% = 3 points

• 66 – 67.99% = 4 points

• 68 – 69.99% = 5 points

• 70 – 71.99% = 6 points

• 72% + = 7 points

From 2021 the points season will run January to December, with awards presented at the AGM.

Where 2 classes are run at 1 level e.g. Prelim, then the highest points over the 2 classes becomes the winner. In the event of a tie the award will go to the 2nd section as the tests are more difficult in these sections. An overall points winner is also awarded. This is the horse and rider combination that has achieved the highest points in one class.

Points season Points start again at zero at the beginning of a new season for the purposes of awards. However, a record of total points achieved is kept. Once 70 points have been accrued at prelim level the combination will be asked to move up to novice if they haven’t done so already. This is at the discretion of the committee and is in place to give everybody a fair chance.

Northern Dressage Droup competitions will be judged by affiliated judges on the current BD judges panel. Judges may judge at levels higher than their current listing. Higher level judges will be used for the more advanced classes. Judges on the trainee list may be used for Intro and prelim tests (and, depending on their experience, novice.
BRC rules Northern Dressage Group competitions are run under British Riding club rules. Hats to BRC standard must be worn and correctly fastened when mounted. Tack and dress guidelines must be observed.



As per our terms and conditions, all horses STABLING at Aintree EC must have had a booster vaccination against Equine Influenza in the PRECEDING 6 MONTHS, and be 6 days clear of having had any vaccination. All horses ATTENDING BUT NOT STABLING at Aintree EC must have had a booster vaccination against Equine Influenza in the PRECEDING 12 MONTHS, and be 6 days clear of having had any vaccination. PLEASE HAVE YOUR PASSPORT AVAILABLE FOR CHECKING.

Your co-operation and understanding is appreciated. Full British Dressage rules re vaccinations are detailed below.

BD Vaccination Rules

11. Equine Influenza Vaccination
To protect the health of the other competing horses and the biosecurity of the venue, a valid passport must accompany the horse to all competitions and be produced on request. Failure to comply is a disciplinary offence and will debar the horse from competing at the event for which it has been entered. A horse will not be permitted to
compete unless it has a current vaccination against equine influenza which complies with the following conditions:
• An initial course of two injections for primary vaccination, not less than 21 days and not more than 92 days apart, are required before being eligible to compete
• A first booster injection must be given between 150 and 215 days after the second injection of primary vaccination
• Subsequent booster injections must be given at regular intervals of not more than 12 months, commencing after the first booster injection
• The most recent booster injection must have been given within six calendar months +21 days prior to the horse competing
• The full course or booster must have been administered at least seven days before arriving at the competition
The vaccination record(s) in the horse’s passport, must be completed, signed and stamped line by line, by an appropriate veterinary surgeon (who is neither the owner nor the rider of the horse). For those competing under FEI rules, please refer to FEI rules.
The responsibility to comply with this rule lies with the competitor, who should consult with their veterinarian.
Horses being found without adequate and up to date vaccinations will not be allowed to compete and will be barred from competing until such a time that they have been given their first and second vaccinations. The registration of any horse found in breach of this rule will be suspended until rectified.

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