The Dodson & Horrell National Amateur & Veteran Championships 2020 – Postponed

9th November 2020 – 14th November 2020 all-day
Aintree International Equestrian Centre
Liverpool L9 5AS
Aintree Equestrian Centre
0151 522 2949

Dodson & Horrell Amateur & Veteran Championships 2020

UPDATE – Saturday 31 October 2020

15:00 hrs 31st October 2020 – Statement from British Showjumping regarding the 2020 Dodson & Horrell Amateur Veteran Championships

It is with regret that British Showjumping announce the postponement of the Dodson & Horrell Amateur & Veteran Championships that were due to run between the 9 – 14 November at the Aintree Equestrian Centre.

The decision is not one that has been made lightly and has been made ahead of the uncertainty the country faces in respect of future COVID-19 restrictions.  With the rising number of positive coronavirus cases being reported within the UK, the ongoing introduction of regional lockdowns and the news of a potential national lockdown being imminent it is the only sensible decision to make.

We understand that this is disappointing news to all those who had hoped to attend however we trust that everyone will also agree with the decision that has been made during the past few hours by both the governing body and the team at Aintree.   Discussions will be taking place next week with a view to identifying an early 2021 date when the Championships could be rescheduled for.

Iain Graham, Chief Executive for British Showjumping said “There was always a risk this could happen and we trust that our membership understand there wasn’t any other sensible option to take than postpone the Championships until early next year. 

“We have managed to deliver three major championships against all odds thanks to the hard work and commitment of all parties concerned and if it had been possible to deliver a fourth safely then we would have done.  But with the uncertain times that we find ourselves in at this moment it would be foolhardy to push forward and then find ourselves being forced to cancel last minute or whilst the event is already running. 

“The team at Aintree are as dedicated as we are to delivering the Championships at the earliest opportunity possible and we will give a further update regarding this once one becomes available. I would also like to thank our sponsors Dodson & Horrell for their ongoing commitment to the championships and to our members for their understanding that we all need to do what we can to protect our sport during these unprecedented times.”

Carly Sage, Equestrian Manager at Aintree said “The team at Aintree would like to thank all competitors and British Showjumping for their ongoing support during these difficult times.  We will continue to work hard in trying to ensure that the Championships can go ahead safely in 2021 and we look forward to welcoming everyone to them when we are able to.  With this in mind, we will be working closely with British Showjumping over the forthcoming days and I look forward to us being able to share some positive news as soon as we are able to”.






🌟 The Dodson and Horrell National Amateur and Veteran Championships 2020 🌟
❗️Please ensure your horse monkey account is up to date (horses passports/vaccinations now need to be added to your horse monkey account – you can do this now so that the entry booking process is quicker for you on the day and we will post a link later on how to do this) Without these you will not be able to enter or book stables.
1️⃣ Hostel rooms – only a limited number of rooms will be available and only people from the same household can share a room.
2️⃣ Only people from the same household can travel together to the show
3️⃣ No mixing of households in lorries at any time during the show
4️⃣ You cannot form social bubbles whilst at the show
5️⃣ Only people from the same household can sit at a table during anytime (whilst eating dinner or watching the live stream)
6️⃣ No parties and no exception to the rules.
7️⃣ This show is purely about the jumping and sadly no party atmosphere at all this year – but hopefully it will be back again in the future!
The full schedule will be released at the end of this week once sponsored are confirmed for the fun classes and the link for the timetable and entries link when they open

Please note a change to arrival arrangements – no arrivals are allowed prior to Sunday 8th November 2020 due to us racing on Saturday 7th November 2020. We appreciate your cooperation.



This will be done via Horse Monkey, please ensure that you are registered with them or if you have registered before, check you can log in ok. This is now the ONLY way we will accept entries and stables bookings for this show.

We are a very busy venue and we have a lot of other events on before the champs, so please try and be patient…. we know how excited you all are!

Thank you and further updates will be available later in the year – in the meantime good luck in qualifying and we look forward to seeing you all at Aintree.