The Dodson & Horrell National Amateur & Veteran Championships 2020

17th May 2021 – 22nd May 2021 all-day
Aintree International Equestrian Centre
Liverpool L9 5AS
Aintree Equestrian Centre
0151 522 2949

The Dodson & Horrell Amateur & Veteran Championships 2020 has been rescheduled from the 17th – 22nd May 2021.

Just a little update for the Championships.
We plan for entries and stables to open on Tuesday 4th May at 12.30pm. Pop it in your diary!
We are leaving it as late as possible just in case there are any changes with multi day shows.
Please note that hostel rooms may not be available due to the restrictions on shared facilities. We are keeping an eye on this with the government rules and will keep you updated.



🌟 The Dodson and Horrell National Amateur and Veteran Championships 2020 🌟
❗️Please ensure your horse monkey account is up to date (horses passports/vaccinations now need to be added to your horse monkey account – you can do this now so that the entry booking process is quicker for you on the day and we will post a link later on how to do this) Without these you will not be able to enter or book stables.
1️⃣ Hostel rooms – only a limited number of rooms will be available and only people from the same household can share a room – TBC
2️⃣ Only people from the same household can travel together to the show
3️⃣ No mixing of households in lorries at any time during the show
4️⃣ You cannot form social bubbles whilst at the show
5️⃣ Only people from the same household can sit at a table during anytime (whilst eating dinner or watching the live stream)
6️⃣ No parties and no exception to the rules.
7️⃣ This show is purely about the jumping and sadly no party atmosphere at all this year – but hopefully it will be back again in the future!
The full schedule will be released at the end of this week once sponsored are confirmed for the fun classes and the link for the timetable and entries link when they open

Please note a change to arrival arrangements – no arrivals are allowed prior to Sunday 16th May.

Prices for services will stay the same as November 2020:

Stabling (duration) £120
Electric Hook Up (duration) £85
Large Haylage bales £55
Small Haylage, Hay and Shavings bales £10
Hostel Accommodation £250 – please note no sharing outside of households are allowed, any change in Covid restrictions could mean the accommodation is not available but we will not know this until nearer the event but please do bear this in mind.



This will be done via Horse Monkey, please ensure that you are registered with them or if you have registered before, check you can log in ok. This is now the ONLY way we will accept entries and stables bookings for this show.

We are a very busy venue and we have a lot of other events on before the champs, so please try and be patient…. we know how excited you all are!

Thank you and further updates will be available later in the year – in the meantime good luck in qualifying and we look forward to seeing you all at Aintree.